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Minoura GYRO-270

you get the real road ride that you’re looking for out of a trainer that’s been unavailable before this in virtually any trainer on the market
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 Minoura GYRO-270 trainer separates itself from competition in several different ways, and it’s very important to notice these significant differences. Brand new quick release mechanism that ensures an easy and immediate fit to your bike. Once you fit your bike the first time, you never have to worry about fitting the same bike again. Something that’s completely unique to trainer line in dual adjustable legs. So if you have somewhat of an uneven ground, if you’re training in a race, or if your garage has a little bit of an uneven surface to it, you can actually adjust these legs to compensate up to two inches to keep the trainer stable so you’re in the exact correct position that you need in order to get the best training experience that you can. The frame is made of a durable steel and aluminum combination that easily folds up and stores away just about anywhere that you would need to put it in order to keep it out of the way and your living space as clean as possible. But the real innovation in Minoura GYRO-270 trainer comes in the revolutionary new neodium magnet system that developed, and it’s proprietary to Minoura. Inside of this relatively common looking fly wheel is a new stair step design that we are patent pending on that actually increases the range of resistance between every level. So what that means for you as a rider is the moment that you throw your leg over the trainer and you start to pedal, you get the real road ride that you’re looking for out of a trainer that’s been unavailable before this in virtually any trainer on the market. So, with seven different levels of resistance, it’s the quietest trainer on the market. It’s an exponential feel, not unlike fluid, but with the magnetic resistance feeling that you get only from a magnetic trainer.

Position of V270
As the top model in V-series line, V270 was designed to feature its own special frame with quick release hub clamping mechanism and the heaviest flywheel for really realistic pedal feel.
The actual weight of V270's flywheel is just 2.0 kgs, but it will simulate 35% heavier 2.7 kgs once it spins. This weight is not just a heaviest number, it's the best balanced weight for simulating the actual on-road riding.
The main stage of V270 is road race training.

Purpose on U-shaped Leg Design
The unique U-shape leg design on V270 is not just for a design.
It's independently height adjustable in +/- 10mm travel to enable to place the trainer super stably even on uneven outside ground. It's a good feature when using at race event.
The total weight of U-shape leg is lighter than standard single tubing leg, and it opens widely for supporting your weight efficiently.

Compatible with Watt-Master
V-series trainers (except V100) are compatible with "Watt-Master" bike training computer which monitors output power, speed, cadence, time and distance for more effective workout.
By programming the training pattern, you can simulate the actual race course such as Tour de France, or you can design your own training pattern to achieve your goal.
Of course, Watt-Master can be used on road as a standard bike computer.

Minoura Company Overview
Minoura started off almost 70 years ago as a manufacturer of barrel straps and moved into bicycle accessories in the 1960s. In the 1980s, Minoura patented the first magnetic eddy current system for the bicycle trainer and revolutionized bicycle training. To this day, everybody that makes a magnetic bicycle trainer has to go through Minoura to access our patents.

Product kernmerken
Gewicht vliegwiel: Actual 2.0 kg / Virtual 2.7 kg
Maximaal gebruikersgewicht: 120 kg
Trainer gewicht: 8.5 kg
Aantal weerstanden: 7
Dimensies: 680 x 530 x 400 mm
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