Push Sports ankle brace kicx

Push Sports ankle brace kicx

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The Push Sports Ankle brace Kicx is used to start exercising after a inury but also to prevent complaints and instability of your ankle.

The Push Sports Ankle brace Kicx is used to start exercising after a inury but also to prevent complaints and instability of your ankle.

This brace is specially designed to fit perfectly around your ankle and provides a pleasant pressure around the joint. The non-elastic bands cross the outside and release the rub. The Push Sports Kicx offers the best possible protection against ankle enhancement during sports. Due to the special design, the Kicx is also very comfortable and can be perfectly worn over your football socks.

You are using the Push Sports ankle brace Kicx:

  • With a swollen ankle and to prevent your ankle even weakening.
  • In case of (chronic) instability of your ankle

What are the benefits of the Push Sports Enkelbrace Kicx?

  • Thin and super light!
  • You keep the ball feeling and leave enough room for movement
  • Gives a pleasant and firm feeling through a good fit and adjustable pressure
  • Better than professional tapes due to the Prophy-X band system

Prophy-X band system
The preventive 'Prophy-X' band system on the outside of the ankle joint with 2 intersecting bands. The dorsal (rear) Prophy-X band is perpendicular to the inversion / eversion axis of rotation and prevents inward tilting of the foot. The ventral (front) Prophy-X band provides counterbalance and resists the force exerted on the dorsal tire. The Prophy-X tires cross each other in the rotational axis of the upper jump joint, thus preventing unrolling of the foot.

For which sports is the Push Sports Enkelbrace Kicx suitable?

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • The tower
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Korfball
  • Rugby
  • Running
  • Skiing
  • Tennis
  • Volley-ball

Available in sizes :

  • S 20-22.5 cm
  • M 22.5-25.5 cm
  • L 25.5-28.5

How to aply the ankle brace

  1. Open the three velcro fasteners and pull the brace over the foot. The brace portion of the brace should be firmly connected to the heel of the foot. Make sure that the elastic base is neatly connected to the foot and not twisted.
  2. Place the foot in 90 degrees and put the stiffening on the inside of the ankle into position behind the ankle bump by tensioning and closing the strap with one blue marker strip. Note: This reinforcement should not touch the ankle claw.
  3. Then put the strap with the two blue marker strips on tension and close them.
  4. Close the elastic band around the ankle so that a comfortable pressure around the ankle joint is created.

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When purchasing a Push Sports brace at Sportbay, you will receive free access to the Sport Care Coach App. This app helps you get back into control and stay fast. You will receive useful information about your injury and specific tips and exercises. This way you get a targeted recovery program, which makes the use of the sports track even more valuable. You can also get in touch with fellow sportsmen to exchange experiences. The Sportcare Coach App is also packed with useful product information, instructional videos and tips.

Type enkelbrace
Colour Grey
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